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Auto Leasing

At Ijarah, we pride ourselves on our Sharia-based values in offering car rental solutions with ownership promise. Inspired by our ancient heritage coupled with modern scientific theories, we draw well-founded rules for innovative work based on the design of best products and financing services while offering them to our customers in a way that answers their needs and goes hand in hand with their expectations.

One of the most important fields of work at Ijarah is the service of leasing a car that leads to ownership. We are proud to say that we have a solid experience and an in-depth knowledge in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; our specialization in the field has allowed us to present the best in terms of financial leasing services. Our customer service team will accompany you throughout your journey until you reach your goal, as of the moment you get in touch with our company and until you own the car of your dreams.

Program Features

  • Compliant with the Islamic Sharia principles
  • Financing amount: up to 250,000 Riyals
  • Payment period: up to 60 months
  • No guarantor needed
  • Simple procedures and fast execution
  • Accessible to Saudi citizens, residents and women
  • Comprehensive cooperative insurance
  • Flexible last payment
  • Leasing contract easily transferable to a third party
  • Accessible to the public and private sector employees, as well as to retired people

Required Documents

  • Application
  • Introduction letter from the employer including the details related to the salary and the date of hire (authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector)
  • Photocopy of residence (title deed or rental contract), or a photocopy of the last electricity or telephone bill
  • Bank account for the last three months
  • Offer showing the car make, value and features

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